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R&W Homes of Englewood LLC
2828 S. McCall Rd - Suite 32
34224 Englewood FL

Model Home Location:
 272 Rotonda Blvd. East
 270 Rotonda Blvd. East
 268 Rotonda Blvd. East
Rotonda-West FL 33947

Office 941.474.7570
Fax 941.698.9317
Sue Copstead 941.787.2142
License: CRC 020057


    The Europe    The Nadia    The Amber    The Mocha    The Swan


R&W Homes of Englewood is proud to offer many floorplans to choose from. On this website we show you our 5 best selling homes. R&W has built over 120
homes in our surroundings over the past 12 years, providing quality and
integrity. We offer the most personal service to our customers and take
pride in our workmanship. Enjoy browsing the Models.



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