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R&W Homes of Englewood LLC
2828 S. McCall Rd - Suite 32
34224 Englewood FL

Model Home Location:
 272 Rotonda Blvd. East
 270 Rotonda Blvd. East
 268 Rotonda Blvd. East
Rotonda-West FL 33947

Office 941.474.7570
Fax 941.698.9317
Sue Copstead 941.787.2142
License: CRC 020057



Welcome to R & W Homes of Englewood

Imagine having your dream home built in the sunshine state directly located on
one of the most beautiful Golf Courses in Southwest Florida with view on a gorgeous
pond watching the Sunset while a Bald Eagle dives in the water to catch a bass and
a majestic Blue Heron digs in the swale to find some food.

All of this can become reality. Enjoy your dream home in one of the most beautiful
spots in Florida surrounded by nature, Golf Courses and close to miles of picturesque
beaches. Contact us, you won't regret your move!


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